EEES Lunch

Weekly EEES Lunch provides an opportunity for members of the EEES graduate program to receive useful feedback from their peers during all phases of academic inquiry. Presenters are encouraged to share active research- when hypotheses, experiments, analyses, and interpretations remain malleable. Although EEES Lunch is open for all to present and share, graduate students must present once a year and are expected to attend all EEES Lunches. Learn more about our EEESL Philosophy.


EEES Lunches are held on Tuesdays throughout the term from 12:10-1:10 PM.

Spring term 2017 location: 101 Fairchild.  Grad. student coordinator for Spring term:  Keith Fritschie (

Spring 2017

March 28: Gustavo Requena - EEES postdoc candidate  - "Male parental effort and sexual selection: from empirical to virtual data."

April 4:  Jennifer Bentrup - EEES postdoc candidate - "The role of water transparency in regulating carbon dynamics in lakes."

April 11:  Anne Farrell - Zhaxybayeva Lab - "Thermoadaptation in Thermotogae"

April 18:  Elizabeth Studer - Ayres Lab - "Understanding Biodiversity: Examining Arthropod Food Web Structure and Pollinator Ecology in a Changing World."

April 25:  Jean-Luc Legras - French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Visiting Scholar, Dominy Lab - "Bread, beer and wine: Saccharomyces cerevisiae diversity reflects human history."

May 2:  Elise Laugier - Casana Lab - "Human-Environmental Dynamics in the Sirwan (Upper Diyala) Region of Iraqi Kurdistan."

May 9:  Grant Gutierrez - Ogden Lab - "'Rios Libres!' Anti-Dam Activism in Chilean Patagonia."

May 16:  Keith Fritschie - Cottingham Lab - "Causes and consequences of brook trout nest site selection."

May 23:  Animakshi Bhushan - ter Hofstede Lab - "Social calls of big brown bats."

May 30:  Madilyn Gamble - Calsbeek Lab - "Patterns and variation in salmonid life history tactics."