The Wright Research group uses ultra-cold quantum gases to study quantum many-body phenomena.

Areas of interest include macroscopic quantum phenomena (superfluidity), non-equilibrium dynamics, and coherent light-matter interactions.

Group Meeting / Ultracold Journal Club (Winter 2017):
Friday @ 11 a.m. in Wilder 103 (Graduate Student Lounge)
Journal Club papers are on the group wiki. (Internal access only)
Students: make a Journal Club suggestion from the RSS feeds below!

Lab Location: Wilder Basement, Rooms 17/18
The lab is only accessible through room 18, for safety reasons. Please ring the doorbell if you need to reach someone in the lab!

Postdoctoral Position Available
There is an open position in the group for an individual with strong experimental background in AMO physics. Experience with ultracold atoms is desirable, but experienced candidates with other backgrounds will be considered. Interested candidates should send a CV, list of selected publications, and a brief statement of research interests to Prof. Wright. Exceptionally qualified individuals may be encouraged to submit an application to the Dartmouth Society of Fellows.

Graduate Physics at Dartmouth:
Research in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ph.D. Requirements
How To Apply

Undergraduate Research
Interested undergraduates should contact Prof. Wright about getting involved.
Dartmouth has numerous internal programs for supporting undergraduate research. (See the
UGAR website. )

Recent Posts

Jesse Evans' Masters Thesis

Congratulations are in order for group member Jesse Evans, who successfully defended a Masters thesis on Construction of monolithic all-glass optical cavities for trapping ultracold atoms.  (Link to final draft coming soon.)  


The novel optical assembly techniques he helped develop are going to allow us to build some rather special cavity-based dipole traps, such as the symmetric ring-bowtie depicted in the rendering above. That cavity will undergo final cleaning and installation in our 3DMOT chamber very soon. We're waiting to break vacuum on the main chamber, since our custom fused silica "science cell" from Precision Glassblowing (rendering below) will be delivered next month, and we want to install them in one operation.



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