The Wright Research group uses ultra-cold quantum gases to study quantum many-body phenomena.

Areas of interest include macroscopic quantum phenomena (superfluidity), non-equilibrium dynamics, and coherent light-matter interactions.

Li Cell Fluorescence

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Wed. @ 1 p.m. in Wilder 103 (Graduate Student Lounge)
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Lab Location: Wilder Basement, Rooms 17 and 18
Note: For safety reasons, room 17 is only accessible through room 18.
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2DMOT Base pressure

No leaks during a bakeout of up to 450 C, the base pressure with just the ion pumps is in the low 10-11 torr range, and the residual gas analyzer shows nothing but a little hydrogen left. I think we can call this a success.Base PressureThe outside of the chamber isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as it was, but the inside is very, very clean, and ready for installation of windows, and the lithium vapor sources. Next: move it to the main table and get ready to attach the main chamber.


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