The Wright Research group uses ultra-cold quantum gases to study quantum many-body phenomena. Areas of active research include macroscopic quantum phenomena (superfluidity), non-equilibrium dynamics, and coherent light-matter interactions.

Li Cell Fluorescence

Group Meeting / Ultracold Journal Club (Spring 2015):
Mondays @ 2 p.m. Wilder 245 (Prof. Wright's office) or 202 if available.
Journal Club papers are posted on the group wiki. (Internal access only)
Students: make a Journal Club suggestion from the RSS feeds below!

Lab Location: Wilder Basement, Rooms 17 and 18
Note: For safety reasons, room 17 is only accessible through room 18.
Ring the doorbell if you need to reach someone in the lab!

Graduate Physics at Dartmouth:
Research in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ph.D. Requirements
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Undergraduate Research
Interested undergraduates should contact Prof. Wright about getting involved.
Dartmouth has numerous internal programs for supporting undergraduate research. (See the
UGAR website. )

Recent Posts

Temperature Stability Issues Resolved

The temperature in the central part of our lab is now stable to within ±0.05 C.Temp. 09_25_2014 thru 10_02_2014

It's been a complicated and needlesly drawn out technical battle to get to this point. For comparison, here's a plot of what the HVAC system was doing to the lab temperature shortly after it was commissioned, over a year ago. (Emerson/Liebert, you are permanently blacklisted as far as we're concerned)

TempHumid Sept 16-24

Needless to say it wasn't easy to make progress getting the lasers stabilized in an environment like that. Now that we've got a proper laboratory to work in, we should be able to make a lot more progress in the next 12 months!

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