Welcome to the Banner 9 Upgrade Page

Banner 9 is a major upgrade to the Banner Student System. It provides a completely new and up-to-date look and feel and is also easily compatible with all mobile devices! Some of its many new advantages include:

  • Eliminates the need for a Java applet in the end user’s browser
  • Ends dependency on Internet Explorer and allow for full browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge)
  • Simplifies the upgrade process for administrators
  • Positions Dartmouth for cloud adoption if we choose this option

What’s new in Banner Student?

  • Attendance Tracking offers faculty members an easy, all-new tool for documenting student attendance, saving your registrar and financial aid officers time.
  • Advising Student Profile now consolidates a student’s profile, education, and career path on a single page.
  • Student Self-Service now includes Class Roster and View Grades functionalities:
    • Class Roster lets faculty members review their students’ academic profiles and schedules, communicate with students over email, print class rosters, and more.
    • View Grades lets faculty members, students, and their advisors view a student’s academic, progress.
  • Banner Registration has been updated with intuitive registration tools and a mobile-friendly design to make it easier than ever for students, advisors, and administrators to use.
  • Faculty Grade Entry now offers faculty members mobile capability for entering assignment grades and posting midterm, final, and incomplete grades. The application can then automatically compute a final grade. To make things even easier, faculty members can also import grades directly from their existing spreadsheets or their learning management system.