Master Mengcan’s Buddhist Calligraphy

July 28, 2015 was a day of Master Mengcan’s calligraphy for Prof. Xing. Master Mengcan, born in July 1915, is one of the most prominent Buddhist masters in China. In the morning, Prof. Xing had the honor to view the following two pieces of Master Mengcan’s calligraphy work:
Master Mengcan’s Calligraphy Done When He Was 95

Master Mengcan’s Calligraphy Done When He Was 100

In the afternoon, Prof. Xing talked on Master Mengcan’s calligraphy in CH 11 as scheduled:

Master Mengcan Guan
(left) Master Mengcan’s Calligraphy Reconstructed by Wen Xing

Xing’s Lectures on Chinese Manuscript Culture

Prof. Wen Xing, Director of The Dartmouth Institute for Calligraphy and Manuscript Culture in China, recently delivered two lectures on Chinese Manuscript Culture in Beijing. On June 24, 2015, Xing talked on “Chinese Manuscript Culture as an Art Anthropology” at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Arts. On July 22, Xing further discussed “Two Intellectual Issues of Chinese Manuscript Culture” at the Institute of Philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
DSC02554 ed

Xing Received National Award

Prof. Xing’s books on Chinese calligraphy were on display at Baker Library.

One of the them, Dao, Neo-Confucian Principle, and Chan Buddhism in Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, received the most prestigious national art award in China, The 2nd China Fine Arts Award:

New Year Poem in English

An English version of Mr. Zhang Fangsong’s new year poem



The excellent steed finished the jiawu (the 31st in the current calendar cycle) year with a powerful cosmic performance;
The beautiful goat brings the yiwei (the 32nd in the current calendar cycle) year to the vast expanse between heaven and earth.
In the distance, the sound of bamboo firecrackers hails the arrival of a new year;
Occasionally, early plum blossoms signal the arrival of spring.

Translated by Jonathan Krause, a recipient of the Joseph Fletche Memorial Award for Excellence in A.M. Thesis at Harvard and a medical student at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

Chinese Calligraphy at Spring Festival Celebration

GCC, DCCS, ISA and Chinese Dance Troupe Present

Time: Noon-2 pm, Saturday, Feb 21, 2015
Place: Sarner
Performances include: traditional Chinese dance by Chinese Dance Troupe, calligraphy, singing, and CCTV Spring Festival Gala…
There will be DUMPLINGS and lunch catered by Gas Station!

Chinese Calligraphy Presentation: Spring Festival Couplets (chūnlián 春联)
by Global China Connection
Couplets by Zhang Fangsong