Introduction to the CCRC and PSS

The Clinical Cancer Review Committee (CCRC) is a multidisciplinary committee charged with providing peer review of the scientific merit of clinical research protocols for treatment, prevention, control or intervention of cancer that investigators at Dartmouth are interested in opening.  The CCRC has the authority to approve, require modifications in, or disapprove research activities that fall within its jurisdiction.  New cancer research studies that involve cancer patients and amendments to existing protocols are subject to review by the CCRC.

The Population Sciences Subcommittee (PSS) is a subcommittee of the CCRC charged with providing scientific peer review of all cancer-related population science proposals requiring submission to Dartmouth’s IRB (CPHS), if they have not already undergone external peer review by the NCI or NIH.

Please visit the links above for submission instructions and materials for CCRC and PSS review.

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