• Bienvenidos

    Si la Patria es pequeña,
    uno grande la sueña”
    – Rubén Darío

  • Women’s Rights

    “I want people to know that just because I am a woman doesn’t mean that I am less. I have the same capacity as a man to do things.” – Maria Fernanda, Global Fund for Women

  • Gender Equality

    “Without gender equity in a society, comprehensive development is not possible” – Pablo Mandeville, UNDP representative and resident coordinator of U.N. agencies in Nicaragua

Sobre Nicaragua

...According to the Casa Alianza, one in three Nicaraguan women are physically abused by a spouse, partner or other member of the household, making Nicaragua the second worst country in Latin America in terms of domestic abuse...

El estado de las mujeres nicaragüenses

...Nicaragua appears to be rapidly closing the gender gap. Yet for education, healthcare, economic opportunities, political representation, and legal rights we question how truly equal women are to men...

La historia oral

"to see how people in Nicaragua view healthcare was a really poignant moment…I’m a very big believer in healthcare as a human right for all" - Lauren Gruffi '17

Conozca a la autora

"I was inspired to take this class, LACS 20: The Politics of Development in Latin America, because I want to understand my own relationship with foreign countries, the countries that I’ve been studying for the past few years."