Blitz Web Access upgrades on July 22

Old BWA interface

Old BWA interface

New BWA Interface
New BWA Interface

Blitz Web Access (BWA) upgrades on July 22. Here are a few things all Blitz users should know about the change:

On Monday, July 22, Dartmouth’s cloud-based email system, Blitz Web Access (BWA), will transition to its newest version. If you use the Blitz Web Access (BWA), you can expect to see a cleaner, simpler interface and a range of new features including new outlook web apps such as LinkedIn, Britannica Researcher, and Merriam Webster dictionary. Those who use the Windows operating system will also be able to add Skype contacts to Lync and initiate audio calling between the two services.

Early adopters are happy with the change: Assistant Director of Educational Technologies Barbara Knauff: “Since I migrated to the new BWA, I’m using it as my go-to calendar. It’s easier to use—it’s more-compact interface means less clicking around. I even like the new chime that sounds when I receive a new email message.”

“The previous interface in BWA was very icon-heavy; now the words are there, so it’s just a little easier to navigate,” says Susan Zaslaw, Associate Director of Institutional Information Systems.

Although the migration process will take several days, you can continue to use your account while it transitions to its newer version. Just be aware of a few things:

If you use Outlook, you’ll only notice your account has been transitioned when prompted to log out then back in to your account.

If you use Apple Mail or some other email application, or if you read your mail on a smartphone or tablet, mail may stop flowing automatically into your account. If you quit the application then restart it, messages will once again start coming into your inbox.

Most of all, if you use BWA, you’ll notice significant changes in the appearance of your account once your transition is complete.

Training on the new BWA is available.

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