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Members of the Cottingham Lab explore basic questions in ecology and apply ecological principles to problems in human and environmental health.

We work collaboratively – within the lab and with partners from across Dartmouth and around the globe – and use a variety of tools and approaches in our research.

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Birthday Celebration / Lab Dress-Up Event

Because there are three lab members who have birthdays in this seven-day window, we planned a “social” lab meeting with a lot of desserts today….

Unknown to me, the postdoc, grad student, and recent alum decided that it should be an event that required more formal attire than we might typically wear to lab meeting. They even went so far as to invite the Bio department’s Ecology & Evolutionary Biology lab coordinator, Craig Layne (second from right in the back row), to join us for the occasion.  He took them at their word and wore a jacket and tie for the event – while they dressed up to varying degrees themselves.

Coincidentally, I had meetings with the President, Provost, Dean of Faculty, and Associate Dean of the Sciences this afternoon, so I was more dressed up than usual myself (a dress! and tights!).

We thought it worth a photo, especially seeing Craig this dressed up – it might not happen again for another 20 years!

20141113_134233 (3)

Lab meeting 13 November 2014: front row is Kathy, Ellen, Jess and Amelia; back row is Annie, Zach, Craig and Sam

The ringleader, though, did not dress up, and I’m expecting that pay-back is coming when she least expects it…

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