March 20

8 pm. Waiting for Alexia and Lisa to come home from the hairdresser. Getting ready for her skating show on Sunday. Austen may try to come down from UVM to see her, which will make her very happy and proud. Trying to get home and office ready for April 3. Feel a bit squeezed, but things are getting done. Working out almost every day to build the quads and lose weight and feel good about myself before I can’t get around. Hope that it will, in fact, help me move around sooner. That may be the hardest part of it all, though managing the pain and taking the meds will be a challenge.

Times in the woods and Tai Chi will help.

Monday eve

Two weeks until the procedure. Nervous. Putting my energies into planning. Getting things ready at home: for the procedure, for the house and the time I will be here recovering, and at work. Purposeful.

Have to work on the media.

home repairs

Struggling with water seeping down and freezing. Ward thinks it may be the  water filter, which I located, but the replacement part that I ordered from Amazon Prime may not be the right one Рfor $48.

May drive Austen back to UVM tomorrow, Up and back in one day. Ugh. Reason for getting him back into his own car – at a cost.

Tim and Alexia at Special Olympics Vermont Games at Suicide Six three years ago?

joint (knee) replacement school

Attended this morning with Lisa at APD: OT, ortho nurse, Tomek. Lots of good info. Most important: keep ahead of the pain and “ice is your best friend.”

Asked about bi-lateral. More than I need at this point?

A month ahead of brother Bob.

Looking at used Subarus for Austen. Haggled over one, but Prime won’t budge. There is another we will look at on Monday, but we are driving Austen back to UVM tomorrow.

Experimenting with adding media. Need Ken to help me.

Came back do this one again: Alexia and Emma, the weekend of Emma’s marriage in Hanover.

Saturday at home

Grading Writing 5 papers, and Ken Davis’s final independent study paper. Hour long snowshoe on the trail, with some bushwacking. Taking advantage of the new foot plus of wet snow we recently received. Good to be outside, get exercise, and build the quads for the knee surgery/rehab. Austen is skiing today and may come home tomorrow or Monday.

Photo taken earlier this winter, but indicates the same view (looking back) I have when I walk towards the woods on snowshoes.

New snow and APD

Foot of new, wet, early spring¬†snow last night and early this morning. Drive not plowed, but it’s downhill. Some time at work, and a cappacino from the KAF. Left early for my first APD appointment. EKG, blood work, and nasal swab (for bad bacteria that can cause infection). Got there early for a 10 am appointment. They took me right away, and I left at 10. The new APD multi-purpose clinic is pictured below, as well as a reception area poster photo of Dr. Ivan Tomek (left) and his PA’s. Easing my way into this event. Wish my knee hurt more so I’d feel better about the surgery and recovery.

Cold Feet

Wondering if I should delay. Walking around fine, doing yard work, skied in the Grant. Awkwardly, I feel my right knee more. Have to keep reminding myself why I saw Tomek, my difficulties getting around so that I worried about the Grant and got steroid shots, and why I scheduled the surgery. Are the steroid shots masking the problems? Should I get more and do the surgery later? Reasons for doing ahead: will have to do it, this is a good time in terms of near future retirement, Tomek’s “the man.”

Guess I worry about whether I really need it now, the time it will take to recover, and will it be better.

Actually want my knee to hurt and bother me so that I feel it’s the right thing to do.

Met with Marj

Take-aways from our (Lisa and I) meeting with Marj:

  1. track meds carefully anticipate needing more (going to APD before the weekend).
  2. stay in hospital
  3. wasn’t (for her) really painful, esp staying ahead of the pain with the meds
  4. two weeks out of it; week four “depression”; week six on your way
  5. Can travel, but need to elevate knee and periodically move around

Post #1 Ken is helping me

Ken Davis, friend and MALS student (we are doing an independent study together on Moby Dick) helped me get this site going, which I hope to use on a regular basis.

I do want to return, after many years (sad to say), to journal writing. This format makes sense because I and others can read it, I can access it from other computers, and I can add media.

At this point, the primary urge is to record the prep, the total knee operation on April 3, and the several weeks of recovery and rehab.