About Us

Who We Are

Dartmouth EMS is a student-run non-transport Basic Life Support (BLS) squad licensed by the state of New Hampshire. We were founded in 1991 by a group of motivated students looking to improve pre-hospital care and education for the community, and it has since expanded to provide a variety of services to Dartmouth College and the surrounding Upper Valley community including campus emergency response, community CPR and First Aid training, maintenance of the Dartmouth public-access AED program, and event standby coverage. Dartmouth EMS members are trained to provide BLS care ranging from simple first-aid to life-saving interventions as licensed EMTs.

Dartmouth EMS never charges its patients for any services provided. All funds that are raised through coverage charges, course fees, and donations are used to defray equipment costs and operating expenses. If you are interested in helping us to provide these services, please contact us at Dartmouth.EMS@dartmouth.edu. If you would like EMS coverage at an event you are holding, please click on the Event Coverage link on the navigation bar.

Campus Coverage

Dartmouth EMS provides on-call BLS coverage for the Dartmouth College campus on weekends and most weeknights. Dartmouth EMS is dispatched by and responds with campus Safety and Security. Dartmouth EMS serves as a first response agency to augment the existing response system in Hanover.

Dartmouth EMS must be dispatched by Safety and Security in order to respond to a call; please do not contact EMS members directly for an emergency. Dartmouth EMS does not provide ambulance transport to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Education & Training

Dartmouth EMS is very involved with community education. We teach many American Heart Association CPR/AED and First Aid classes for students, faculty, and employees of Dartmouth College as well as local organizations and community members. Our class schedule is posted on our Training page. We also teach Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR classes for EMTs, medical students, lifeguards, and others in need of BLS certification. As of 2015, Dartmouth EMS is an AHA Training Site.

Past and Present Directors

  • 15-16 Directorate
    • Executive Director – William Crockatt ’16
    • Director of Training – Ian Speers ’17
    • Director of Operations – Courtney Hargreaves ’16
  • 15X Joseph Minichiello ’17
  • 14-15 Directorate
    • Executive Director – William Crockatt ’16
    • Director of Training – Alexander Steele ’15
    • Director of Operations – Judy Li ’15
  • 14X William Crockatt ’16
  • 13-14 Directorate
    • Executive Director – Ethan Thomas ’14
    • Director of Training – Matthew Sattler ’14
    • Director of Operations – Ariel Low ’14
  • 13X Judy Li ’15
  • 12-13 Directorate
    • Executive Director –┬áNicholas Valentini ’13
    • Director of Training – August Oddleifson ’13
    • Director of Operations – Ariel Low ’14
  • 12X Ariel Low ’14
  • 11-12 Tucker Ward ’12 Director, Charlotte Cipparone ’12 Asst. Director
  • 11X Nicholas Valentini ’13
  • 10-11 Ryan Speers ’11 Director, Tucker Ward ’12 Asst. Director
  • 10X Tucker Ward ’12
  • 09-10 Jeff Spielberg ’10 Director, Adam Strom ’10 Asst. Director
  • 09X Ryan Speers ’11
  • 08-09 Omar Pardesi ’09 Director, Jeff Spielberg ’10 Asst. Director
  • 08X Jeff Spielberg ’10
  • 07-08 Jiayi Hao ’08 Director, Omar Pardesi ’09 Asst. Director
  • 07X Omar Pardesi ’09
  • 07W, 07S Jiayi Hao ’08 Director, Greg Sheehan ’07 Asst. Director
  • 06F Greg Sheehan ’07
  • 06X Jiayi Hao ’08
  • 05-06 Todd Rabkin Golden ’06
  • 05X Todd Rabkin Golden ’06
  • 04-05 Taylor Duvall ’05
  • 04X Todd Rabkin Golden ’06
  • 03-04 David Horowitz ’04
  • 03X Sarah Mead ’05
  • 02-03 Hilary Alvarez ’03
  • 02X David Horowitz ’04
  • 01-02 Erik Wang ’02
  • 00-01 Matt Anthony ’01
  • 99-00 Kristin Romberg ’01
  • Founder, Bryce Friedman ’94