How do I contact EMS?

Dartmouth EMS is dispatched to medical emergencies and for medical evaluations by Dartmouth Safety and Security. They can be reached at 603-646-4000 — in an emergency, contact Safety and Security or call 911. For business or operations questions, email is the easiest way to reach the us at Dartmouth.EMS@Dartmouth.edu. For coverage requests, see here.

What sort of things does EMS respond to?

D-EMS is available to respond to all kinds of injuries and illnesses including acute intoxication, sports injuries, other traumatic injuries, psychological emergencies, illnesses and more. Calling for help does not necessarily mean the patient will have to be transported to a hospital, EMS can be called to assess a situation and see if further medical care is needed.

Does Dartmouth Safety and Security accompany you on calls?

Safety and Security dispatches Dartmouth EMS, and as such, an officer usually accompanies the EMS crew on calls. This is for the safety of both the patient and the EMS crew.

Education and Classes:

How is your staff certified? What is involved in becoming an EMT?

Our EMTs go through a minimum 160 hour intensive course. The topics taught in the class encompass everything from splinting and bandaging to airway management. As part of their certification, all EMTs also perform observation hours on ambulances and/or in a local emergency department. Additionally, our staff goes through our own training and certification process in Dartmouth EMS operations.

How can I get EMT trained?

Every year, Dartmouth EMS sponsors two EMT classes on campus. One class is offered during the Winter Interim and one in Winter-Spring terms, one-two nights a week and a few Saturdays a month. Check with your state EMS bureau for a schedule of classes in your area that you could take when not at Dartmouth.

How can I get CPR or First Aid certification?

See the training page for our class schedule. We offer many CPR and First Aid classes each term for free to all Dartmouth Undergraduates. Training for Departments, Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff is offered at a greatly reduced cost.

How can I schedule a CPR or First Aid class for my group or department?

We are happy to arrange special classes in a location of your choosing, anywhere in the Upper Valley. Please contact us at Dartmouth.EMS@Dartmouth.edu to discuss your needs.

How can I get healthcare provider CPR certification?

We also offer healthcare provider CPR at a reduced cost. See the training page for scheduled dates. We can also arrange special classes depending on demand.

How can I get lifeguard certification?

Dartmouth EMS does not offer lifeguard certification, but there are occasionally classes through the athletics department. Please contact them for more information.

How are your instructors certified?

All of our instructors go through a 16 hour American Heart Association instructor training course taught by a very experienced instructor. Additionally, they are audited by senior Dartmouth EMS staff members, and recertified biannually.

I already took a class with you. When will I get my certification card and for how long is it valid?

All of our certifications are issued through the regional training center at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Because of this, there is sometimes a delay in printing the cards and getting them back to campus. If you have not received your card after three or more weeks, feel free to drop us a line at Dartmouth.EMS@Dartmouth.edu. We would also be happy to write a letter to any organization requiring your certification stating that you have completed the class. We issue certifications through the American Heart Association which are valid for two years from the date of the course.


How do I join? Do I already need to be an EMT?

No prior experience is necessary! We can provide all the training you need to get started. If you are interested in taking shifts with us, come to our fall informational session or send us an email to learn more about the application process. Check out our training schedule if you are interested in attending meetings or training.

Are your meetings open? When/where are they?

Our meetings are always open to anyone in the community interested in EMS, emergency medicine, or just finding out what we’re about. We have training sessions which include lectures by members and outside speakers or hands-on practice nearly every week. We will announce the schedule each term here and via our listserv.