About the Dartmouth Event Management System (EMS)

Link to EMS production system


Recently added!  Video tutorials on the following tasks in Virtual EMS

Virtual EMS Overview   Duration: 0:01:31


How to create a basic request   Duration: 0:11:10


How to create a recurring event   Duration: 0:05:21


How to create a request with services   Duration: 0:03:23


How to edit an existing request   Duration: 0:03:25



EMS helps people manage meetings, complex events, and academic courses. It was founded in 1988 and has over 5,000 customers using their software today including University of Vermont, Harvard University, Yale University, the entire state of Minnesota College and Universities system to name a few.

With this upgrade, we have an opportunity to increase cross academic departmental collaboration, maximize use of our existing space, and improve accountability in emergency situations.