The Karol Family

In this project, I am going to analyze how my family came to be the way it is, and how my parents’ decisions along the way shaped my childhood and ultimately, created the person that I am today. It is easy to take for granted everything that brought you to the place that you are, making it particularly fascinating when you realize how much could have been different had just on decision been changed. I learned many things in my interviews with my parents, such as reasons why my father passed up job opportunities so that us children would not have to switch schools, my mother leaving her job so she would never have to see a stranger raise us, and all of the decisions that lead to my concerted childhood that I learned about in this course. I am going to analyze how their abilities to balance work and family life, combined with their educational priorities, committed parenting techniques, and dedication to ensuring academic and athletic involvement profoundly impacted everything that I am today, and everything that I will become going forward.

My overarching goal is to show for any reader and myself how many sacrifices were made and difficulties conquered by my parents for the sheer purpose of giving my siblings and I the best childhood possible. I truly believe they are among some of the best parents out there, and these interviews only cemented that belief for me. Through prioritizing athleticism, leadership, and high quality education, my parents fostered an extremely productive environment that I proceeded to thrive in. I played for multiple town, club, and school sports teams throughout the year, always challenging myself and looking to impressive the people who were always so proud of me. My dad discussed in our interview what it was like being my soccer coach for so many years, causing me to appreciate the aspects of his job, and of his heart, that allowed him to be there for those experiences. Looking back, I realized how I actually almost had two stay-at-home parents, given my dad’s home office and flexible hours as a result. My mother said in our interview, “you always had both of us, you just didn’t realize it”. I now realize that, among many other things that paint my childhood to having been extremely fortunate, especially when pitted against those of others that we have learned about in this course.

From a sociological perspective, I am going to flesh out how my childhood was a concerted childhood, and how I never realized that until this class. My mother never even fully realized it, until I brought it up in our interview. She said at one point, “I think we may have done too much for you”. By too much, she meant the constant planning, activity-driven scheduling that so marked my childhood in many beneficial ways, but had some other interesting effects that came to light in college. I hope to make it clear how much my parents put my life unquestionably in front of theirs, and how thankful I am to have had two people who care as much as they do. Moving forward, I can only hope to be half the parents they were to me; I pray to be given the selflessness that they so graciously possess, and the strength to raise a family as special and extraordinary as ours, one that has grown to be the most important and best thing in my life.