Congratulations Mbumbii!

Mbumbijazo U. Katjivena is our student manager at Feldberg Library. Here he is with Library Supervisor Phyllis Nemhauser. We’re all sad that Mbumbii is leaving us at the end of November. Here he explains what he’ll be up to:

I got a post-graduate fellowship from the Dickey Center for International Understanding, and the fellowship is called the Lombard Fellowship. It is a 6-12 month fellowship that allows recent graduates to work in social justice with an established organization.

I will be working with Junior Achievement Namibia, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among young people in Namibia, my home country. I will be involved in their program for out of school youth. The program takes in young people who have dropped out of school for a variety of reasons, gets them through a couple months of entrepreneurship training, another few months of vocational training and gives them a loan at the end so that they can start their own small businesses. I will be teaching entrepreneurship, and will mentor some of these young people in the process of starting up their small businesses. They are required to pay back the loan after they start growing their businesses.


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