Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering’s Hydropower Project

This just in from the DHE:

Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering’s (DHE) small-scale hydropower system is a cost efficient way of bringing electricity to isolated villages that are decades away from being connected to the grid. The system is powered by diverting water from the top of a waterfall, feeding it into a turbine that generates electricity to charge batteries. Since the cost of implementation and maintenance are low, the price to charge batteries is affordable even for people in rural areas of developing nations. Our hydropower systems improve the quality of life in poor villages by supplying the energy needed to foster local business, raise the standard of living, and make a positive environmental impact.

Not only is hydropower self-sustaining; it also has an overwhelmingly positive environmental impact, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving individual health, and preventing deforestation. In creating very small-scale hydroelectric sites, DHE provides clean power without creating the environmental destruction associated with larger sites.

Our systems stimulate economic development and education by allowing entrepreneurs and students to use cheap electricity during any hour of the day, promote a positive environmental impact by reducing Africa’s carbon footprint, improve individual health by limiting the cases of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases diagnosed each year, and overall raising the standard of living for the inhabitants of rural Africa. Our system has worked successfully in Banda and Rugote.  With the help of DSIC, we envision proving the profitability of small-scale hydropower such that entrepreneurs in the developing world will install these sites without our assistance – that’s our solution to the problem of rural electrification.

Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering’s hydropower project is currently in the running for a $60k Dell Social Innovation Challenge prize, and they need your help to win! There’s a people’s choice component, which requires three easy steps to vote for:

1. Register an account with a non-Dartmouth address (people have had some trouble with blitz) http://www.dellchallenge.org/user/register

2. Check that email, and click the confirmation link.

3. Vote for DHE at http://www.dellchallenge.org/projects/hydropower-green-clean-life

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