New Thayer Publications

Cavitation of a submerged jet / Michael M. Wright, Brenden Epps, Amanda Dropkin, Tadd T. Truscott

Characterization of Clostridium thermocellum strains with disrupted fermentation end-product pathways / Douwe van der Veen, Jonathan Lo, Steven D. Brown, Courtney M. Johnson, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Madhavi Martin, Nancy L. Engle, Robert A. van den Berg, Aaron D. Argyros, Nicky C. Caiazza, Adam M. Guss, Lee R. Lynd

Natural variation in Fc glycosylation of HIV-specific antibodies impacts antiviral activity / Margaret E. Ackerman, Max Crispin, Xiaojie Yu, Kavitha Baruah, Austin W. Boesch, David J. Harvey, Anne-Sophie Dugast, Erin L. Heizen, Altan Ercan, Ickwon Choi, Hendrik Streeck, Peter A. Nigrovic, Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Chris Scanlan and Galit Alter

Mechanical properties of the ice I–magnesium sulfate eutectic: A comparison with freshwater ice in reference to Europa / Golding, Narayana; Burks, Collin E.; Lucas, Kylie N.; Fortt, Andrew L.; Snyder, Scott A.; Schulson, Erland M.

Agent-based modeling of climate policy: An introduction to the ENGAGE multi-level model framework / Gerst, MD; Wang, P; Roventini, A; Fagiolo, G; Dosi, G; Howarth, RB; Borsuk, ME

Innovative approaches to integrated global change modelling / Giupponi, C; Borsuk, ME; Vries, BJM; Hasselmann, K

Discovering plausible energy and economic futures under global change using multidimensional scenario discovery / Gerst, MD; Wang, P; Borsuk, ME

Surface instability and mass transfer during the bonding of ice spheres / Chen, S.; Baker, Ian; Frost, Harold J.

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