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A comparison of dry sliding wear of Fe30Ni20Mn25Al25 at room temperature and elevated temperature / Lu, Y; Baker, I; Blau, PJ; Kennedy, FE; Munroe, PR

Direct identification of breast cancer pathologies using blind separation of label-free localized reflectance measurements / Eguizabal, Alma; Laughney, Ashley M.; García-Allende, Pilar Beatriz; Krishnaswamy, Venkataramanan; Wells, Wendy A.; Paulsen, Keith D.; Pogue, Brian W.; Lopez-Higuera, Jose M.; Conde, Olga M.

The physical basis for gas transport through polar firn: A case study at Summit, Greenland / Adolph, A.C.; Albert, M.R.

High frequency magnetic toroidal core loss measurement fixture / Syed, Haider ; Sullivan, Charles R.

A multi-level ladder converter supporting vertically-stacked digital voltage domains / Kesarwani, Kapil; Schaef, Christopher; Sullivan, Charles R.; Stauth, Jason T.

A toroidal power inductor using radial-anisotropy thin-film magnetic material based on a hybrid fabrication process / Qiu, Jizheng; Harburg, Daniel V.; Sullivan, Charles R.

Nanogranular nickel iron thin films for high frequency power applications / Khan, Golam R.; Sullivan, Charles R.

A dynamic equivalent network model of the skin effect / Acero, J.; Sullivan, C.R.

A coupled-inductor multi-level ladder converter for sub-module PV power management / Schaef, Christopher; Kesarwani, Kapil; Stauth, Jason T.

Microemulsion synthesis of iron core/iron oxide shell magnetic nanoparticles and their physicochemical properties / Kekalo, Katsiaryna; Koo, Katherine; Zeitchick, Evan; Baker, Ian

Discrete-time bilinear representation of continuous-time bilinear state-space models / Phan, Minh Q.; Shi, Yunde; Betti, Raimondo; Longman, Richard W.
Source: Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, v 143, p 571-589, 2012, Spaceflight Mechanics 2012 – Advances in the Astronautical Sciences: Proceedings of the 22nd AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting.

Mechanical properties of the ice I–magnesium sulfate eutectic: A comparison with freshwater ice in reference to Europa. / Narayana Golding, Collin E. Burks, Kylie N. Lucas, Andrew L. Fortt, Scott A. Snyder, Erland M. Schulson

Local mechanical properties of white matter structures in the human brain / Johnson, CL; McGarry, MDJ; Gharibans, AA; Weaver, JB; Paulsen, KD; Wang, H; Olivero, WC; Sutton, BP; Georgiadis, JG

Transrectal electrical impedance tomography of the prostate: Spatially coregistered pathological findings for prostate cancer detection / Wan, YQ; Borsic, A; Heaney, J; Seigne, J; Schned, A; Baker, M; Wason, S; Hartov, A; Halter, R

Silicone breast phantoms for elastographic imaging evaluation / Kashif, AS; Lotz, TF; McGarry, MD; Pattison, AJ; Chase, JG

Dual-tracer background subtraction approach for fluorescent molecular tomography / Tichauer, Kenneth M.; Holt, Robert W.; El-Ghussein, Fadi; Davis, Scott C.; Samkoe, Kimberley S.; Gunn, Jason R.; Leblond, Frederic; Pogue, Brian W.

Pilot study assessment of dynamic vascular changes in breast cancer with near-infrared tomography from prospectively targeted manipulations of inspired end-tidal partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide / Shudong Jiang ; Brian W. Pogue ; Kelly E. Michaelsen ; Michael Jermyn ; Michael A. Mastanduno ; Tracy E. Frazee ; Peter A. Kaufman ; Keith D. Paulsen

Characterization of Clostridium thermocellum strains with disrupted fermentation end-product pathways / Douwe van der Veen, Jonathan Lo, Steven D. Brown, Courtney M. Johnson, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Madhavi Martin, Nancy L. Engle, Robert A. van den Berg, Aaron D. Argyros, Nicky C. Caiazza, Adam M. Guss, Lee R. Lynd

An improved technique to measure firn diffusivity. / Adolph, Alden; Albert, Mary R.

Microstructure, chemistry, and electronic structure of natural hybrid composites in abalone shell. / Srot, Vesna; Wegst, Ulrike G.K.; Salzberger, Ute; Koch, Christoph T.; Hahn, Kersten; Kopold, Peter; van Aken, Peter A.

Protein Aggregation Behavior Regulates Cyclin Transcript Localization and Cell-Cycle Control. / Lee, ChangHwan; Zhang, Huaiying; Baker, Amy E.; Occhipinti, Patricia; Borsuk, Mark E.; Gladfelter, Amy S.

Wear of UHMWPE from sliding, rolling, and rotation in a multidirectional tribo-system. / Patten, Eli W.; Van Citters, Douglas; Ries, Michael D.; Pruitt, Lisa A.

Local mechanical properties of white matter structures in the human brain. / Johnson, Curtis L.; McGarry, Matthew D.J.; Gharibans, Armen A.; Weaver, John B.; Paulsen, Keith D.; Wang, Huan; Olivero, William C.; Sutton, Bradley P.; Georgiadis, John G.

Microstructure and mechanical properties of two-phase FeNiMnAl: part II mechanical properties. / Wu, X.; Baker, I.; Wu, H.

Bayesian knowledge base tuning. / Santos, Eugene; Gu, Qi; Santos, Eunice E.

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