Want to join the GIS-Users listserv at Dartmouth College?

To join the GIS-Users listserv:

  1. Send an email to listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu . This listserv is limited to Dartmouth faculty, staff and students.

2. Leave the subject line blank.

3. In the body of the text type: subscribe GIS-Users

You can also use the following URL to start subscribing: https://listserv.dartmouth.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A0=GIS-USERS .

Upcoming workshop – GIS Lite: Tools for Easy Mapping

GIS Lite: Tools for Easy Mapping

This workshop will cover some basic mapping and GIS tools through Dartmouth College Library and Dartmouth ITS. These lightweight tools allow access to simple geographic analysis, without having to learn a full-blown GIS system. We will cover Social Explorer, ArcGIS Online and other tools as time allows. With these tools we will look at US Census Bureau data, imagery, and cultural statistics. We will also introduce and review other mapping sites listed on the web gis Research Guide.

The workshop will be held in the 37 Dewey Field Road Building’s Instructional Center on the First Floor. From Baker Library, head north towards the 1 Rope Ferry Road Building and Thomas Hall. 37 Dewey Field Road is at the north end of the Maynard Street parking lot.

Dartmouth Map: https://m.dartmouth.edu/map/index?filter=37+dewey+field+road&_recenter=true

Google maps: 37 Dewey Field Road,Hanover,NH 03755

This workshop is brought to you by the Dartmouth College Library and Research Computing.

Friends of GIS at Dartmouth

Welcome to the Friends of GIS at Dartmouth site. This is a place where you can find out about geographic information systems/science at Dartmouth College. I will put all types of information and links to help you find the software and updates you need, tutorials to learn the software, data sites and other information. Right now, the there’s not much here. But, that will change in the future!