You will need to confirm the invitation sent to your blitz from WordPress before accessing in the site. Please go to your group project website by hovering over “Collections” in the navigation bar. Your project will be listed as part of the Fall 2016 collection. Click on your project page, which you will use as the introductory homepage for your project.

Notice: You will need to login to access Dashboard.

When you add an item, please add a new “Post” (not “Page”) through the Dashboard. Once you’ve entered the title and added categories, tags, and a featured image in the right column, click the “Save Draft” button. Once you’re satisfied with your work, click the blue “Publish” button. Finally, don’t forget to add the link of your post to your project homepage!


EmailĀ  andrew.j.alini.19@dartmouth.edu if you have any questions. If Andrew has not responded within 24 hours, please send him a reminder email.

Feel free to look at Spring 2016 Collections for further examples.