Dartmouth CO-OP Project

The Dartmouth CO-OP Project is a voluntary and cooperative network of primary care clinicians and other health professionals coordinated by the Department of Community & Family Medicine of Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine.   The Dartmouth CO-OP Project serves as the operational base for primary care clinicians and practices, predominantly in New Hampshire and Vermont, working together with them to answer community-based health care questions and translate research findings into practice.  The Dartmouth CO-OP Project also engages clinicians in quality improvement activities.

The mission of the Dartmouth CO-OP Project is to:

  1. Involve community practicing clinicians, along with their patients, in asking and answering clinical and organizational questions related to community primary health care, to improve the quality of primary care, and support clinicians in turning their own ideas into research questions.
  2. Generate funded research and publish results to support the practice of evidence-based medicine.
  3. Provide opportunities for clinicians and other health professionals to develop new research skills.
  4. Perform research studies in partnership with primary care clinicians, their patients and the communities they serve to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes.
  5. Facilitate clinical translation in both directions, using the expertise of clinicians to guide the research and extending the expertise of researchers to support clinician.

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