WINTER 2017:  Chemistry 5 Laboratories

Registration:  When you register for Chem005 you will automatically be placed in a lab session.  Any changes you wish to make to your lab schedule MUST BE DONE THROUGH THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE.  First check that the lab session you want has space available.  If so, drop Chem005 and then re-register for the class, choosing your desired lab section.

Labs will begin the second week of classes and are scheduled for Monday (2:10-6:10 pm), Tuesday (8 am – noon and 2:30-6:30) and Wednesday (2:10-6:10 pm).

Fall 2016:  Welcome to Chem 5 and Chem 6 Laboratories!

New Logistics this Fall:

  1. Safety goggles:  These will now need to be purchased at the Dartmouth Computer Store located at 001 McNutt Hall
    1. Hours: 8:30-6:00 pm M-F and 12-6 on Saturday during the term)
  2. Notebooks will be available to students in the fall, in the lab and lecture rooms.


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