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Who are we?!

A group of awesome people you wish you were a part of :) The Graduate Climbing Club provides a means for fellow climbers to meet and share their passion for vertical adventures.


Having a sense of community among climbers is of utmost importance. The GCC does not only provide a means of meeting new adventure partners but also creates a social platform among academic disciplines at Dartmouth College, thereby improving the graduate community.

Rock/Ice Climbing

Whether you have been climbing for several years, or you have never tied a knot in a rope, this club is for you! We can teach all disciplines of rock/ice climbing to those who desire to get into the sport. All you need is your Stoke!!!

The Gio

The gio is an obscure force of nature that fills you with the adrenaline and confidence needed before you get on your project. No one understands The Gio, but it is always present when you are crushin'.

Rumney Trip [Oct 09, 2016]

This trip was the first one of many more to come! As...

18th Oct

The Organic Farm

Biweekly Meeting at the organic farm!

18th Oct