Announcing the 2011-2012 GSC Exec Board

On May 25, 2011 by Grad Forum

gsc_group_shot_feature_editedOn Tuesday, May 3rd, at Dartmouth Hall, the 2011-2012 Graduate Student Council Executive Board was voted into office.

Each candidate had the opportunity to deliver a two-minute speech to the voters, followed by a short session in which they addressed questions posed by council members. Seats were voted on individually and all voting was done by secret ballot. The members of the 2010-2011 Executive Board, who abstained from running for a seat, tallied the votes.

The newly elected Executive Board met with the former Executive Board last Wednesday, May 18th for an exchange dinner where they discussed roles and expectations, establishing a solid foundation for the new term.

Without further ado, the members of the 2011-’12 Executive Board of the Graduate Student Council are:

President – Wesley Whitaker, a third-term MALS student.

Vice President – Aarathi Prasad, a first-year PhD candidate in the Computer Science department.

Finance Chair – Zanes Cypress, a fourth-term MALS student.

Activities Co-Chair – Jeremy Fitzpatrick, a third year PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department (Mierke lab).

Activities Co-Chair – Ana Draghici, a second year PhD candidate in the Psychological and Brain Sciences department.

Academic Chair – Julia Bradley-Cook, a second year PhD candidate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. She is part of the NSF (National Science Foundation) IGERT Program.

Student Life Chair – Marie Onakomaiya, a second year student in the PEMM (Programs in Experimental and Molecular Medicine) program

Secretary – Amanda Balboni, a second-year PEMM student.

Graduate Student Activities Coordinator – Erin O’Flaherty, a fourth-term student in the MALS department.

North Park Graduate Advisor – Regina Salvat, a first-year Thayer student.

by Wesley Whitaker

Photo (from left to right): Ana Draghici, Jeremy Fitzpatrick, Wes Whitaker, Aarathi Prasad, Marie Onakomaiya, Zanes Cypress, Amanda Balboni, and Julia Bradley-Cook.

Not pictured: Erin O’Flaherty and Regina Salvat.

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  • Congrats to the new Exec Board! I think you guys make a great team and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for next year!

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