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On June 8, 2011 by Grad Forum

consulting_panel_feature_editedTwo Dartmouth alumni and one Dartmouth graduate student, each of whom have landed lucrative consulting jobs at top firms, recently participated in a discussion panel organized by Kerry Landers, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs, in collaboration with the newly formed Graduate Student Consulting Club (GSCC). The panel was comprised of current genetics student Megan Doe who will be working for L.E.K Consulting, recent graduate Dr. Uciane Scarlett who will be working for Clarion Healthcare LLC, and alumnus Dr. Kristen Garner who is employed as a senior analyst at Health Advances.

The panelists cited participation in Dartmouth’s business education programs as key components of their success; both Scarlett and Doe enrolled in the Tuck Business Bridge Program, and Garner was a member of the Healthcare Consulting Club at Tuck.

Participation in the business education programs available at Dartmouth lent the opportunity for networking, which the panelists cited as an indispensable asset during their respective job searches. The panelists suggested the Business Bridge Program as a great starting place for acquiring experience solving case study problems–another central component of consulting work, and a valuable skill to demonstrate during the interview process.

To students looking to transition from research to consulting, genetics student, Megan Doe offered the following advice:

“It’s imperative to take steps to concretely display your interest in consulting. While consulting firms understand that the PhD experience focuses on research, they expect advanced degree applicants to be able to demonstrate their commitment to business through participation in classes, clubs, and internships.”

Emphasizing, from a personal perspective, the importance of gaining experience, she added, “Taking part in these types of activities is valuable because they allow a student to determine whether they’ll even enjoy the life of a consultant and the world of business.”

The discussion panel was celebrated, for the wonderful catering and, more notably, for the sage advice provided by scientists who have accomplished the feat of leveraging and expanding their expertise to score non-academic careers.

Current Dartmouth grad student and former president of the GSC, Marcella Lucas, crystallized it nicely, “My take home message from the panel was that PhD Students can pursue careers other than those in academia and still be happy and successful in them.”

by Lionel (Lee) Brooks and Christen DiPetrillo
photo by Erin O’Flaherty

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