Launched: Dartmouth Graduate Studies’ Mobile Application!

On October 11, 2011 by Grad Forum

On September 12, the Graduate Studies Office released its first application for mobile phones. Available for iPhone and Android, the application can be downloaded for free on “Android Market,” and “iTunes.” Featuring tools such as an interactive campus map, links to public transit information, a faculty directory, admissions information, and a “quick dials” feature, the application is a valuable resource for both prospective and current students, as well as Dartmouth faculty and staff.

Designed to allow electronic devices–ranging in size from desktop computers, to cellphones–to perform specific, niche tasks, applications are often developed by third-party programers, and made available to consumers as downloadable packages. Unlike software programs, which manage a device’s existing capabilities, “apps” are designed to preform either one specific task, or a group of related tasks in an efficient, and intuitive manner.

Developed by Blue Pane Studio, a digital-communications firm in North Carolina, the “Dartmouth Graduate Studies” application was commissioned as part of the Graduate Studies Office’s effort to incorporate new technology into the graduate-school application process. The newly-launched application provides prospective students quick access to essential application information, and keeps current community members connected with the latest events organized by the Graduate Studies Office.

“For prospective students, the mobile application is one of the ways that Dartmouth provides access to essential information. However, unlike the website and recruiting brochures, the app allows students to quickly access this information, whether they’re on their way to class, in the airport, or in their living room,” says Jane Seibel, Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Diversity.

For current community members, the newly-launched application is a one-stop source for up-to-date information regarding Dartmouth’s graduate programs. The app’s links to the Dartmouth’s Graduate Studies’ Twitter and Facebook pages provides mobile access to the events publicized by the Graduate Studies Office.

“The application is a simple, but effective way for current members of the graduate community to learn about upcoming events, and stay connected with the all of the Arts & Sciences graduate programs,” says Seibel.

Over the past year, the Graduate Studies Office has revamped all of the Arts & Sciences graduate program’s major media streams. Led by Seibel, this overhaul has improved the programs’ use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and has increased the graduate community’s access to accurate, up-to-date news regarding the programs.

For Seibel, the launch of the mobile app is an essential part of this overhaul: the new app promises not only to strengthen the online presence of the Arts and Sciences graduate programs, but also the cohesion of the graduate community.

by Wesley Whitaker
photo by Wesley Whitaker


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