Grad Studies Announces Externship Program

On October 14, 2011 by Grad Forum

Are you a Dartmouth graduate alum looking for a way to meet current students and stay connected to the Dartmouth community?

The Graduate Studies Office at Dartmouth is pleased to announce the launch of the Graduate Studies Externship Program.  The aim of the program is to help current Dartmouth graduate students who wish to explore their career options gain insight into the skills, organizational culture, and work environments related to occupations.

Taking place during the month of December, the externship program will pair current Dartmouth graduate students with graduate alums currently employed in the public, private, and academic sector.  Each host will be selected based on student interest, geographic proximity, and schedule.

“An externship is a great way for graduate students to explore a possible career option and gain valuable advice from graduate alumni who remember what it’s like to job search while in graduate school,” says Kerry Landers, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs and Director of the Graduate Externship Program.

A daylong externship could include the following:

-Discussion of the host’s occupation, career path, and the overall culture and values of their company

-Conversations with junior and senior staff who can describe their daily tasks, key skills of their job and their career path to that job.

-Attendance at meetings

Students will sign up in the Graduate Studies Office to obtain details regarding their alumni “host”. They will then be instructed to e-mail their host, followed by a telephone call, to schedule a convenient date/time for the externship.

All interested alumni should fill out a brief questionnaire by Friday, November 4th.

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