GSC Fall Update: Welcome Departmental Reps!

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On Tuesday, November 8th at 5:30 pm, the newly elected Departmental Representatives of Dartmouth’s Graduate Student Council (GSC) attended their first monthly GSC meeting in the 1930s Room of the Rockefeller Center. At the meeting, the Executive Board outlined the responsibilities of each departmental representative, and the latest GSC initiatives and social events were discussed by the council.

Welcome 2011-12 Departmental Representatives to the GSC!

Dartmouth Community,

First of all, I’d like to welcome each newly-elected Departmental Representative to Dartmouth’s Graduate Student Council (GSC). I’m excited by the ideas generated at both the November and December meetings, and by the positive energy exhibited by each new Rep. I look forward to working with you all over the next six months, and I hope that you each consider running for an Executive Board position this spring.

So far, the 2011-12 academic year has been exciting for the Graduate Student Council. Since this year’s Executive Board took office in May, four new graduate student clubs have been recognized. For all 14 of Dartmouth’s graduate student groups, the GSC provides both the monetary resources, and the institutional recognition necessary for these organizations to host niche events that strengthen the graduate community.

This October, the council awarded block funding grants to six GSC recognized student groups. Currently, the Finance Committee, chaired by Zanes Cypress, is in the process of reviewing how these groups have used this funding—come winter, the student leaders of each of these student groups will showcase the community building events made possible by these grants, and explain how their organizations intend to utilize their remaining funds.

Coupled with the larger social events planned by the GSC’s two social co-chairs—Ana Draghici and Jeremy Fitzpatrick—and the small-scale programs coordinated by Erin O’Flaherty, the Graduate Studies Activities Coordinator, and Regina Salvat, the North Park Graduate Advisor, the activities hosted by all of the GSC-recognized student groups create the social space for Dartmouth’s graduate students to meet outside of the classroom, laboratory, and library, and to collaborate in a relaxed environment.

I’d like to take a moment to commend Dartmouth’s graduate community for its quick response to the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. In addition to the GSC-led donation drive, many graduate students also participated in the rebuilding efforts organized by the college. Also, I’d like thank the staff of Baker Berry for allowing the GSC to place a collection bin in the main corridor of the library, and the staff of the William Jewett Tucker Foundation for both organizing several campus-wide relief efforts, and distributing the donations collected by the GSC.

On top of this fall’s hurricane response, the community enrichment projects undertaken by the GSC are many: in October, the Graduate Relief Team, led by Student Life Chair, Marie Onakomaiya, and Vice President, Aarathi Prasad, coordinated graduate student participation in Dartmouth’s annual “Day of Caring,” and helped organize the GSC holiday food drive. Again, thank you to all members of the graduate student body who have taken the time to give back to the local community!

Dartmouth’s Strategic Planning continues to be an exciting challenge for the GSC. Over the past months, the Graduate Education for the Future working group, chaired by Brian Pogue, Dean of Graduate Studies, has met on a biweekly basis. In November, the GSC helped coordinate an Open Forum that was held in the Rockefeller Center. Structured to solicit graduate-student feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of Dartmouth’s graduate community, the working group intends to incorporate the student suggestions generated at this forum in the Strategic Planning process.

Finally, the Academic Committee, chaired by Julia Bradley-Cook, recently awarded travel grants to Katie Duryea (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), Sergey Fogelson (Psychological & Brian Sciences), and Gillian Moritz (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology). Each year, the GSC awards grants both in November and in March to help defray the cost of attending an academic conference: the grant is meant to supplement, but not to replace other funding sources.

Spanning the entire month of October, this year’s elections for Departmental Representatives were entirely electronic, and were facilitated by Mandy Balboni, the Executive Board’s secretary. Currently, 31 students are serving as Departmental Representatives, but several seats are still available: two departments are not represented, and the GSC is looking for graduate students to serve on the school’s Council on Libraries and the Council on Computing.

To nominate either yourself, or a member of your department fill a vacant seat on the GSC, please email

Again, Congratulations!

-Wesley Whitaker
President of the Graduate Student Council

2011-12 Departmental Representatives:

Biological Chemistry
1.)  Anna L. Hatch
2.)  Kelli Hvorecny

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB)
1.) Jeffrey A. Lombardo
2.) Thomas S. Kraft

1.) Justin T. Foy
2.) Nicholas B. Tito

Comparative Literature
1.) Vacant 

Computer Science
1.) Yu-Han Lyu
2.) Andrew Lyons
3.) Vacant    

Digital Musics
1.) Phillip M. Hermans

Earth Sciences
1.) Justin B. Richardson

1.) Gilbert J. Rahme
2.) Rishika De

1.)  Vacant
2.)  Vacant

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)
1.) Cheng (Dawn) Ling
2.) Keely H. Badger
3.) Maryna Marchanka

Molecular & Cellular Biology, 1st-Year (MCB)
1.) Erin Shoemaker
2.) Andrew Bridges

1.) Yash R. Patankar
2.) Megan O’Connor

Programs in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM)
1.) Ryan Soderquist
2.) Catherine Fricano
3.) Vacant

1.) Matthew P. DeBerge

Physics and Astronomy
1.)  Shuo Wu
2.)  Vacant

Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS)
2.) James R. Peck
3.) Richard B. Lopez

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice (TDI)
1.)  Lisa M. Jackson
2.)  Vacant

Thayer School of Engineering
1.) Natasha Mohan
2.) Kirti Khopkar
3.) Raghav Ahluwalia
4.) Rebecca Williams

Biological Sciences
1.)  Adrienne Perkin
2.)  Vacant

Non-Voting Representatives:

1.) Sarah Langman (MALS)

Council on Libraries
1.) Vacant

Council on Computing
1.) Vacant 

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  • Justine Hutchinson is now serving as the third departmental representative for PEMM!

    Thanks, Justine. The next GSC meeting is at 5:30 pm in the 1930s Room of the Rockefeller Center on Tuesday, January 10th.

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