Microbiology and Immunology Program Highlights

On December 14, 2011 by Grad Forum

The students of the Microbiology and Immunology Program have had a remarkably successful year, receiving a variety of awards and recognition from on and off campus. Several students graduated this year: James Cripps in James Gorham’s lab, Michael Molloy who worked with Edward Usherwood, Peter Newell in the O’Toole lab, Karina Pino-Lagos in Randy Noelle’s group and Uciane Scarlett, who worked with Jose Conejo-Garcia. Kevin Hart, Adel Malek, Diana Morales, and Amy Piispanen successfully defended and will attend the 2012 commencement.

Raquel Martinez, a recent graduate of the program and a member of the Taylor lab, was awarded a position in the NIH sponsored Medical and Public Health Laboratory Microbiology Training Program—there is only one such award annually nation-wide. Jarrad Marles, also of the Taylor lab, was awarded a two-year fellowship through the National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program (NBBTP). The program is a partnership of the NIAID, DOHS, and NIH, designed to “train Fellows specifically to support Biosafety Level 3 and Level 4 research environments.”

Kyle Cady in the O’Toole lab was named the 2011 John H. Copenhaver, Jr. and William H. Thomas, MD 1952 Fellow. Rameeza Allie, a PhD student in the Usherwood lab, was awarded a Borison fellowship this year. Kate Byrne, a PhD student in the Turk lab, won a student poster award at the New England Immunology Conference and was invited to the New York Immunology Conference to speak about her work. Recent graduate from the Hogan lab, Adel Malek, will join the lab of HHMI Professor William Jacobs at Albert Einstein and Diana Morales is going to Harvard Medical School to work with Dr. Roberto Kolter.

Kim Spotts-Wallace, a former PhD student in Ambrose Cheung’s lab, was awarded a SMART scholarship through the American Society for Engineering Education—the award funded a portion of her PhD work and involved spending her summers building a tool for predicting and analyzing multiple factors during vaccine/antimicrobial drug development, including cost, schedule, and labor. Following the fellowship, Kim secured a position as the Deputy Project Manager for the Broad Spectrum Bacterial Countermeasures Program through the JPEO (Joint Program Executive Office) of the Department of Defense.

by George O’Toole


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