Copenhaver Fellowship Winner, Kyle Cady

On March 13, 2012 by Grad Forum

copenhaver_fellowKyle Cady, a Microbiology and Immunology doctoral candidate, is this year’s Copenhaver Fellowship Recipient! His supervisor is Professor George O’Toole, a leader in the field of bacterial pathogenesis. The O’Toole lab studies biofilms—bacterial communities that can become resistant to antibiotics—and it’s Kyle’s research in this area that has earned him the fellowship.

“We study how a new bacterial small RNA regulatory pathway mediates the interaction of a virus with its host bacterium. More specifically, we are trying to understand how this small RNA pathway can control multiple surface-associated behaviors of this medically important bacterium.” Kyle explains.

With plans to defend his thesis on April 24th, and a position lined up in Boston, Kyle is excited for the future and doesn’t plan to take any breaks from his research. He’ll soon be working at MIT, in Michael Laub’s lab, where he will be researching the signals that bacteria sense and respond to in the context of human infections. 

Asked how he felt about being selected for the award, Kyle responds, “I was very flattered and grateful that the selection committee thought so highly of our research.” 

Kyle insists that the Copenhaver award has helped him immensely in achieving his research goals. “Each piece of funding opens the door to new and exciting experiments that would otherwise not be performed. I hope every member of the Dartmouth community appreciates the generosity of philanthropists like the Thomas and Copenhaver families. Fellowships like this allow research programs to grow and prosper and can only improve Dartmouth,” says Kyle.

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