Graduate Appreciation Week Comes to Dartmouth

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Graduate Appreciation Week, which kicks off this Monday, April 9th, will feature activities to both raise awareness of and celebrate the contributions that graduate students provide to the Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth graduate students serve a variety of roles on campus, from teaching assistants to research collaborators, and contribute to the high level of academic research being done at Dartmouth.  There are over 700 graduate students in 20 masters and doctoral programs in the arts and sciences at Dartmouth, and account for nearly a fifth of the total student population of the College.

Graduate student research will be highlighted at the Graduate Poster Session on Tuesday, April 10th, at the Top of the Hop.  Designed as a way for students to present their research to the larger Dartmouth community, the session will feature over 45 graduate presenters from a variety of academic disciplines.  Judges include faculty members, graduate alumni, and industry professionals, and prizes will be awarded to the top four presenters.

“This is a great week to celebrate graduate students and the many contributions that they make to the Dartmouth community,” says Kerry Landers, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs. “The graduate students really seem to enjoy all the activities the Graduate Studies Office and the Graduate Student Council offer to show our appreciation of them.”

Provost Carol Folt will provide the opening remarks at the poster session, and the recipients of the 2012 Graduate Community Award and the Faculty Mentoring Award will also be announced.  For many graduate students, the poster session represents the culmination of their academic life at Dartmouth, and provides an opportunity to explain their research to diverse audiences and to engage with those outside of their immediate field.

“The poster session is wonderful, from both an academic and social stand point,” says Regina Salvat, a second-year PhD student at the Thayer School of Engineering and one of this year’s poster presenters.  “As an engineer, it’s great to meet students from other disciplines, learn about their work, and look for applicable connections to my own research.”

In addition to the poster session, there are also multiple social activities for graduate students this week.  The Graduate Studies Office will be hosting an Adviser/Advisee breakfast in Occom Commons on Thursday, April 12th, from 8-9:30 am.  An annual event, the breakfast provides an opportunity for graduate professors and advisors to interact with and acknowledge the work of their graduate students in an informal setting.

As the main student-run governing body of the arts and sciences graduate population, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) also takes an active role in Graduate Appreciation Week.  Throughout the week, various GSC-recognized student organizations will sponsor activities such as an Indian Cooking class, a hike around Oak and Balch Hill, and a “Graduate Pub Night” following Tuesday’s poster session. On Wednesday, April 11th, the GSC will hold a Wine and Cheese Tasting at Tom Dent Cabin on the Connecticut River.  Featuring wine and cheese pairings from around the globe, the event is open to all graduate students and their guests.  In addition to helping plan and implement programming, the GSC also provides every graduate student with a small gift during Grad Appreciation Week.  This year, each graduate student will receive a customized Graduate Studies temporary tattoo, which will be distributed by GSC departmental representatives to their constituents.

Read the full schedule of events for Graduate Appreciation Week here—and don’t forget to wear those temporary tattoos this week with pride!

by Erin E. O’Flaherty





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