1st Annual GradTalks at Dartmouth

On May 30, 2012 by Grad Forum

grad_talks_featureOn Thursday, May 17th, the first annual GradTalks was held in Filene Auditorium.  Attracting a healthy crowd, the purpose of the event was to highlight the variety of world-class research conducted by graduate students at Dartmouth. At the same time, it provided a forum for students to practice tailoring their research presentation skills to a wide audience. The speakers insightfully communicated their complicated and in-depth work from a variety of disciplines.

The presentations ranged from the importance of bacteria on the small end to theoretical astrophysics on the large. There are few events you can attend and learn about both the health benefits of chocolate and the etymology, history and variety of soils. This was one of them.

The theme, “The Self: From Cells to Stars,” allowed the audience to connect personally to the subject topics. GradTalks was envisioned as a way for students to branch out of their research areas ando see the real life implications of the work done at Dartmouth. In that respect, it was certainly a huge success.

Richard Lopez, the founder of the GradTalks, spoke positively about the inaugural event.

“I would say that it definitely exceeded expectations,” said Lopez. “There was a solid turnout of people, including undergraduates, graduate students, professors, and even some members from local communities.”

Following the strong turnout and positive feedback, Richard is optimistic about making GradTalks a recurring event. He also hopes to widen the audience to include people from all over the Upper Valley.

Following the event, the presenters were duly rewarded with a gift card. We would like to thank the following students for the time and effort they put into their presentations:

Daniel Osipovitch, Program in Experimental & Molecular Medicine

-Ana Posada, Microbiology

-Robert Chavez, Psychological & Brain Sciences

-Justin Richardson, Earth Sciences

-Damian Sowinski, Physics & Astronomy

by Dan Durcan

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