Mini Golf with the GSC

On June 7, 2012 by Grad Forum

On Wednesday, June 6th, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) sponsored a free evening of mini golf at the Fore-U Golf Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The event was the first organized by new Graduate Studies Activities Coordinator (GSAC), Dan Durcan. With around forty graduate students and guests in attendance, the event was a huge success!

Throughout the day, scattered rain clouds and thunder claps threatened to interrupt the evening’s plans, but fortunately the weather held out and greens remained dry. Students were organized into teams ranging from two to four members. Each team selected one of the two courses offered at Fore-U, some walking the periphery on the blue course and others heading through the cave and along the waterfalls of the red course. With gift certificates to Morano Gelato on the line, the golfers summoned all of their putting prowess to stay under par. In the end, this writer’s team took home first place – admittedly with the caveat that golf’s usual rules against flash photography were repeatedly broken! A few students cashed in on a different prize though, sinking the infamous “19th Hole” to win a free mini golf game from the Fore-U Golf Center.

For more pictures of the event, head over the Dartmouth Graduate Studies Flickr page. The GSC thanks all those who came out and participated in this great event.

by Zach Williams


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