Three-Minute Thesis Presentations

On July 2, 2012 by Grad Forum

On May 10th, a group of Dartmouth Graduate Students gathered over a relaxed lunch to present their theses to each other. What made this different to other similar events was that participants were given a mere three minutes to talk.

The event was one of many to showcase the hard work and scope of research of Dartmouth Graduate Students. What made it unique was that not only was there the challenge of communicating advanced level research, but participants were also hindered by the time constraints of the task. Areas covered included brain cancer, soil types, narrative theory, and games theory. They had to be explained at break neck speed to audiences unfamiliar with the field. Naturally, it presented the perfect occasion for the students to demonstrate and practices their communication skills.

Despite the difficulties of this task, all the participants excelled at what they were doing and presented calmly in a way that could walk even the most unaware individual through their field of expertise. What’s more is that the topics covered were engaging and well focused. You know that you are in for an exiting event when a speaker starts with the question: “Why are we here?” Needless to say the presentations showcased the fascinating research taking place at Dartmouth, as well as illustrating the important work going on at the institution. The students who presented are helping to treat and cure cancer, developing our cultural scholarship and are at the forefront of new technologies. After the last speaker finished, the panel of students voted for which thesis they thought was best and the opportunity of reflection and feedback given.

We would like to congratulate Umang Bhaskar and Kelly Michaelsen, who, in the face of stiff competition, were voted the winners of the presentations and duly awarded with two tickets to the nugget. They presented on Game Theory and Breast Cancer Screening respectively.

Article and photo by Dan Durcan

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