Meet the New Media Production Intern Zach Williams!

On July 13, 2012 by Grad Forum

Zach1-300x150The Graduate Forum is pleased to announce the new Media Production Intern: Zach Williams.

Zach is a first year MALS student in the General Studies tract. He was brought up in Massachusetts, leaving the state to go to college in Ithaca, upstate New York. There he majored in History and minored in Anthropology, graduating in 2010. In the years between finishing college and enrolling at Dartmouth he split his time between Oregon and Hawaii working in forestry preservation. In Oregon he was a wild land fire fighter, and in Hawaii he was in reforesting to reverse the damage done by ranching. Outside of his classes he is currently planning to raise ducks and cultivate a vegetable and fruit garden.

As the Media Production Zach has a wide-ranging portfolio of responsibilities. These include taking pictures and writing articles for the Dartmouth Grad News Forum. As the position implies, he is responsible for many of the media aspects of the Graduate Office, for instance maintaining the website and the social media, including Facebook and twitter.

Zach is looking to use his position to communicate the achievements of Graduate students at Dartmouth both in and outside the scope of academia. This includes the many awards, publications and conference attendances that Dartmouth students make each year, alongside community involvement in the Upper Valley and the wider community in New Hampshire and Vermont. For Zach, the Graduate News Forum is the perfect place to showcase the many achievements of Dartmouth students.

If you have any ideas for articles or want to see a student highlighted, please feel free to contact Zach at:

Article and photo: Dan Durcan

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