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On September 4, 2012 by Grad Forum

With the beginning of a new academic year, the Graduate Studies Office is doing its best to help new students settle in and make the most of their time at Dartmouth. Something that will be crucial for many is employment so, with the help of current graduate students, we have taken a look at some of the employment opportunities in the Upper Valley.


Marina is a second year MALS student from Belarus. She works on the information desks at Baker Berry Library.

Pay: Starts at $7.75/hour

Working hours: Variable, more are available during breaks and hours tend to increase with seniority

“One of the great things about working at the library desk is that you get to know all the research facilities really well… you know the reference librarians, the quickest way to find the best books and so on. Knowing the reference librarians is particularly good when you need advice; they’re always willing to help. The job requires you, as the first person people see when they enter the library, to represent the college; you have to make people feel comfortable. You also have to respond to questions about where different rooms are, and that’s another good thing to know anyway. As an international student I am limited in where I can work, so the library job is perfect” Asked if there were any downsides to the job she said: “Well, when I first started I worked midnight till 2am, which was no fun, but after doing one term I managed to change.”


Karl is also a MALS student. He hails from Montana and works as a waiter at Molly’s restaurant right on main street.

Pay: “Good money”, including tips

Working hours: As many as he can get

“Probably the second or third day after moving to Hanover I just went into Molly’s and asked if they needed a waiter. It seemed like a fun place and I’d waited tables for a summer in undergrad. Plus, it’s close to where I live, is a good balance to fancy book learnin’, and tips keep me off the streets. Apart from that, the staff and management are legitimately cool people. If you enjoy chatting with random people, and building up rapport with the community, the job is perfect for you. It’s nice to have a way to easily meet people from outside the Dartmouth bubble, as well. On the downside, it can get pretty stressful at times–it’s a hoppin’ restaurant. Or, if I’ve been up all night writing and have to work a long shift, I can be a bit spacey. But, all in all, working as a student is great. Come drink a $2 margarita and watch me do an awful job at writing my name on the table.


Lisa is in the Masters of Public Health Program and works as an intern in Palliative Care at the Hitchcock Medical Center.

“After starting my MPH program last fall, I was eager to find an internship that would give me hands-on experience in my field of study.   With an interest in clinical research, I was excited to be offered an internship in Palliative Care at DHMC. Since then I’ve gone from working 10 hours per week mostly filing, to working almost 30 hours as a Project Coordinator on an upcoming study. The best part of my job is working with such amazing researchers. My colleagues are passionate about improving the quality of life of those living with illness; it’s inspiring! I love my job, so the downsides are few. During busy weeks it can sometimes be a challenge to balance school, work, and other activities… but being obsessive with my planner definitely helps. While internships aren’t exactly lucrative, the experiences they provide are invaluable, and I recommend that everyone try and couple their classroom education with a real world education as well.”

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You can also find jobs at Dartmouth via the Student Employment Office (SEO) website at: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~seo/job_postings/

Article and photo by Dan Durcan

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