Meet the GSC Executive Board: Lisa Jackson

On September 8, 2012 by Grad Forum

Lisa_article-300x187The Graduate Forum will be running a series of articles profiling the new Graduate Student Council. The GSC elections were held back on May 1st. As the new board members get underway in their positions, we’d like to take an opportunity to congratulate them on their elections and to highlight their hopes for the year ahead. We’re delighted to introduce Lisa Jackson as the new joint Social Chair of the Graduate Student Council alongside Gilbert Rahme.

Lisa is a second year student in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at The Dartmouth Institute (TDI). Lisa likes to think of herself as a nomadic adventurer, and has moved to five different states in the last five years.   After graduating college from Penn State in 2007, where she majored in English, she moved back to the west coast where she was an Aquatic Director for the YMCA in San Diego, California. Inspired by her sister Tina’s positive experiences in the public health program here at TDI, she too decided to apply.

At TDI, Lisa’s studies emphasize health policy and shared decision-making for the purpose of improving healthcare outcomes for patients.   Lisa also works in Palliative Care at DHMC under Dr. Marie Bakitas.  She has been recently promoted to Project Coordinator for an upcoming research study that investigates quality of life improvement for patients with heart failure.  She also lives in an assisted living facility for seniors directly across from campus.   She and two other grad students live on-site at the Outreach House helping residents with their daily tasks and developing cross-generational friendships.

Outside of her studies, work, and the GSC, Lisa enjoys relaxing by riding her beach cruiser, swimming, camping, visiting her sister in Maine, listening to live music, and people-watching. Her aim for the moment is to continue traveling (she just got back from a month in Britain this summer), and keeping an eye out for the next adventure. After that, her main goal is to one day live off the grid and to keep her future unwritten.   She is excited to be working with Gilbert to plan some of this year’s great social events where she hopes to see grad students from across campus getting to know one another and having fun together.

Article and Photo by Dan Durcan

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