Meet the GSC Executive Board: Gilbert Rahme

On September 10, 2012 by Grad Forum

Gilbert-300x180The Graduate Forum will be running a series of articles profiling the new Graduate Student Council. The GSC elections were held back on May 1st. As the new board members get underway in their positions, we’d like to take an opportunity to congratulate them on their elections and to highlight their hopes for the year ahead. We’re delighted to introduce Gilbert Rahme as the new joint Social Chair of the Graduate Student Council alongside Lisa Jackson.

Gilbert is a third year PhD student studying genetics. Originally from Lebanon (he asked me to clarify – the country, not the town in the Upper Valley!), Gilbert was born in the town of Besharri, which was also the birthplace of famed poet and artist Khalil Gibran (perhaps most famous for his collection of prose published as “The Prophet”). Gilbert moved from there to Beirut, a city, he explained, that was ranked the party capital of the world. It appears that he has been adequately prepared for being the social chair of the GSC.

Gilbert came to the US after completing a master’s degree in Lebanon. He was attracted to Dartmouth because it presented more opportunities. When he looked into the college, he realized that he would have more research opportunities available to him than he would have had in Lebanon. This has enabled him to contribute the most to his field of study: Cancer research.

Cancer has personally affected Gilberts family, which enticed him to study the subject more. Now he’s focusing his research on brain tumours and their characteristics, such as how they spread across the organ. The data collection process is going well, he tells me, thoroughly enjoys working with his thesis advisor- Dr. Mark Israel.

Outside of his studies and organizing social events, Gilbert enjoys playing classic and electric guitar and tries to make the most of the outdoor opportunities that the New Hampshire and New England region has to offer. He’s heavily involved the Dartmouth Graduate Outing Club in which he is a hike leader and the secretary of the group. He is excited about further contributing to the experience of students at Dartmouth with his position as social chair. Good luck Gilbert!

Article and photo by Dan Durcan

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