Copenhaver-Thomas Fellowship Winner: Lilian Kabeche

On September 14, 2012 by Grad Forum
Lilian in her famous pink labcoat.

Lilian in her famous pink labcoat.

The Graduate Forum is delighted to announce that Lilian Kabeche has been awarded the Copenhaver-Thomas Fellowship. Last year, Lilian made her debut on the Forum in her now famous pink lab coat. Now a fifth-year bio-chemistry PhD student, Lilian has seemingly unparalleled energy and enthusiasm for science and research. Speaking about the incredible moments during her time at Dartmouth, Lillian gave us insight into what drives her and what makes science so exciting for her:

“That moment, the moment in life you get to know something that no-one else knows, it’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

Lilian completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Microbiology. Wanting to continue her education, she looked at a number of PhD programs, but fell in love with Dartmouth and Hanover. For Lilian, Dartmouth was love at first sight, and leaving Hanover will be a tough task for this graduate student.

After a successful application to the MCB program, Lilian went to see a talk by Professor Duane Compton on chromosomes and from that moment decided that that was the research focus for her. This talk was the beginning of a successful working relationship that would see the two publish together and lead Lilian to the fellowship.

One of the many things that Lilian has enjoyed during her time at Dartmouth is the level of support that graduate students get. “Everyone wants you to succeed,” she explained. An integral element of this success is securing solid funding. So, Professor Compton nominated her for the Copenhaver-Thomas fellowship. This fellowship allows for greater freedom and flexibility for research, and there are far fewer concerns regarding getting funding for conferences and other auxiliary activities. “Its always nice to be valued” she continued, “to have people to value you at the point of providing funding for your work”. The fellowship is a testament to this support and will allow her to make the most of the rest of her time here.

When not being awarded fellowships, Lilian’s favorite activity in Hanover is getting Kettle Corn from the farmers market. She also enjoys snowboarding come the winter term. Congratulations again Lilian!


Article by Dan Durcan

Photo by Erin O’Flaherty



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