President Folt Hosts Graduate Student Reception

On September 24, 2012 by Grad Forum

President Folt speaks with Graduate Student Council Vice President Justin Richardson and President Julia Bradley-Cook

On Tuesday, September 18th, President Carol Folt held a reception for the incoming class of graduate students, welcoming them to Dartmouth in the beautifully renovated Hanover Inn. President Folt chatted with new students from all disciplines, emphasizing her excitement about the growing strength of graduate studies.

The reception was held in the beautiful Hayward Ballroom at the Hanover Inn – the first student event in the space. New Dean of Graduate Studies F. Jon Kull introduced President Folt, reminiscing about their first meeting, when then-Professor Folt was teaching ecology to undergraduates. Then President Folt assumed the podium with a smile, reflecting on her own experiences with graduate students at her undergraduate alma mater, the University of California at Santa Barbara. It was her experience with graduate students, she explained, that opened her eyes to the power of scientific research and experimentation early in her college career. The president encouraged the new graduate students to look for those opportunities to inspire others around them.

After their official greetings, President Folt, Dean Kull, and other members of the Graduate Studies staff mingled with the new students, sharing laughs about their own experiences pursuing advanced degrees and highlighting how much the administration understands the pressures and rewards of graduate studies. The president posed for pictures with students from many of the graduate programs, smiling alongside students who are just exploring Hanover for the first time (and overwhelming this photographer with requests for his email address!).

As Dartmouth’s newest graduate students filtered out of the reception hall, it was clear that the warm welcome was greatly appreciated.

Please visit the Graduate Studies Flickr page for more photos of the Presidential Reception, and stay tuned for an article highlighting the incoming members of the new graduate class.


Article and Photos by Zach Williams

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