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On October 16, 2012 by Grad Forum

Early in the fall term, the Graduate Studies Office hosted a discussion panel on academic job searching, in preparation for the upcoming application season. Hosted by Kerry Landers, the Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs, the presentation attempted to illuminate some of the details and nuances of searching for a position inside of academia. With Dean F. Jon Kull and Cindy Tobery from the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning adding insight, the event was informative and well received by the thirty students who attended.

Landers’ presentation cover a wide range of topics, from the writing and organization of a good curriculum vitae to the appropriate steps for negotiating the terms of a job offer. Focusing on clarity, professionalism, and staying “on” throughout the application process, she helped to guide the students through the cascading steps of academic career searching. Throughout the presentation, Dean Kull offered his personal insight – willing and wanting to be honest and truthful with students about the challenges of the application process. The back and forth discussion that resulted from his participation was engaging and personal.

Functions like this one are a large part of Landers’ position with Graduate Studies. Focused on preparing graduate students to realize their professional aspirations, she specializes in counseling from job search through job offer. Throughout the presentation, Landers pointed to the multitude of resources Dartmouth students have available to them in the job search. Her panels have proven to be enlightening for many students who have come through the programs. The Three Minute Thesis events, she notes, helps students to learn how to explain their research in a succinct and clear manner. And this winter she’ll be putting on the “Becoming Faculty” symposium, which will expand on many of the topics touched on in this presentation.

The next Three Minute Thesis event, which will be co-hosted by the Graduate Women in Science organization, will be tomorrow, October 17th, at noon in 031 Haldeman. And watch for emails from the Graduate Studies office for more information about the Becoming Faculty Symposium.

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