Donna Hay – TDI’s Career Czar

On October 18, 2012 by Grad Forum

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, known on campus as TDI, has hired a new specialist to help students pursue their professional goals – the Graduate Forum would like to welcome Donna Hay to campus.

Hay comes to Dartmouth by way of New York Law School and Berkley College, where she directed programs in employer relations and career services, respectively. After years in the New York metro area, she’s moved north to bring her skill set to the students at TDI.

“TDI presents a unique challenge because of our demographics,” she says. “A third of our students have medical degrees; another third have medical experience – they’re RNs or health care administrators who want to develop a systemic understanding of health care practices. And then some of our students have come to the program right after finishing their undergraduate degrees. So, there are a lot of different types of students to work with.”

We met jointly with Hay and Jessica Johnson, TDI’s Alumni Relations Manager, and the two quickly noted that theirs is a coordinated effort.  The two meet with students jointly, to provide to each not only the counseling of a career advisor, but also avenues to potential connections with TDI alums that had similar goals and aspirations. Together, they are working on teasing out the passions and interests of their students – what brought them to the program and what their hopes are for the future – and leveraging alumni relationships to provide the best support possible.

Hay also expressed excitement about being part of the professional Dartmouth community. “Tuck, Arts and Sciences, Thayer – they all do such a good job with their career programs. I think our students can learn a lot from some of their programming, and I know I can borrow the best practices from their departments. I hope that they can utilize the programming we’ll do here and the support models we’re using.”

The Dartmouth Institute officially began in 1995. Since then, the program has graduated 930 students, many of whom have gone on to exciting careers in medicine and health care delivery. TDI was a testing tank for many of the policies that made their way into the Affordable Care Act, and the Institute continues to be a center of research and applicable scholarship.

Hoping to build on these foundations, Hay is thrilled to be at Dartmouth. “I have a degree in law, and extensive experience in finance and accounting recruiting – marketing is an integral part of my education. I’m excited to bring that knowledge to TDI and to help our students move forward.”

Hay invites students and staff from TDI and the larger Dartmouth community to connect with her on LinkedIn, and to be on the lookout for professional programming in the coming months.


by Zach Williams 

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