The GSC at the 2012 Ivy Summit

On October 30, 2012 by Grad Forum

On November 2nd members of the Graduate Student Council Executive Board are heading down to the University of Pennsylvania for the tenth annual Ivy Summit. There they will be interacting with student leaders from the Ivy League, hoping to learn and teach: to expand the skill sets of student governance at Dartmouth for the benefit of all.

The Ivy Summit is an annual event that brings together graduate and professional programs from the Ivy schools and MIT to discuss the issues of graduate life. This year the focus is on building mental health resources. During the summit, each Ivy school is required to lead a workshop to educate other schools on what they have learned from student government. We will therefore be able to share skill sets.

The workshops for the event are split into two groups, five will focus on the Pan-Ivy advocacy issue-Building Mental Health Resources- and five will focus on student government best practices. Dartmouth, under the leadership of GSC President Julia Bradley-Cook, is focusing on “Enhancing Graduate Student Participation and Cultivating Agency around Student Initiative and Activities”. With this we are presenting a workshop on graduate student participation and engagement around student initiatives contributing to the dialogue on best practice for governance. 

Speaking on the benefits of the conference Bradley-Cook said “In recent years, the GSC has learned a lot from this meeting, for instance it gave us ideas about how to diversify events in order to appeal to broader student group, and lead to the creation of the Academic Chair, which is responsible for awarding the conference travel grants.” Going to U-Penn will allow the Dartmouth graduate community to share information and learn from others, maximizing what we can all get out of our experiences here.

Reflecting on past experiences former GSC President Wesley Whitaker said: “I have been to two summits and returned from each with new perspectives on graduate education as well as new ideas for Dartmouth’s GSC… I think some of the ideas that the GSC implemented last year—for instance, small-scale social events focused on community building—came out of the Princeton Meeting.” Whitaker found that this experience really helped him with his position as President, giving him the knowledge necessary to carry out his duties effectively.

During our time at U-Penn we will also have the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with other graduate students, and will have the chance to talk at length about what they do to make their campuses more inviting for their communities. From past experiences of exec members we feel that we can learn a lot here.

This year the Graduate Studies Office will be giving you up-to-the-minute coverage of the event, letting you know what the GSC is doing and how we are helping improve grad studies at Dartmouth. Follow our twitter and facebook feeds for up to see how we’re doing. For more information about the Ivy Summit, please visit the official site. We hope you keep tuned in!

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