3 Minute Presentations

On November 7, 2012 by Grad Forum

GWISE and the Graduate Office recently co-hosted a workshop in which eight graduate women were given a mere three minutes to present their research to peers in various fields of study. Being able to succinctly and clearly present your research is essential for networking, and for interviewing, so workshops like these are very useful.

Throughout each presentation, the viewers wrote their constructive criticisms on cards, for the presenters to review on their own time, and the workshop culminated in a group discussion of the techniques employed by the strongest presenters, why those strategies work, and how to effectuate them. Meanwhile, each talk was recorded, so presenters could see themselves in action — not always a fun activity, since we’re all our own worst critics, but very useful for banishing any bad habits that detract from a talk, and also great for pinpointing what your strengths are, and how to maximize them.

The group found that presenters who gesticulated more, seemed relaxed, and were able to clarify their points better. They also found that presenters who minimized jargon, and used non-scientific language, were more effective communicators.

Archana Murali, from the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, presented her research on Prion Disease (or, mad cow disease, as most people know it), and she was voted best presenter, by attendees, and other presenters. See a video of her presentation, here.

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