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On November 30, 2012 by Grad Forum

By now I am sure that you have heard about the appointment of Philip J. Hanlon as the 18th President of Dartmouth. This is what key figures in Graduate Arts and Sciences are saying:

Dean of Graduate Studies-F. Jon Kull

“I am very pleased about the appointment of Philip Hanlon as President of Dartmouth. He is an ideal choice and is sure to benefit graduate students and Dartmouth as a whole. As Provost of a major research university, he comes with an understanding of the critical importance of graduate programs and graduate students, and also the issues research faculty face. As a Dartmouth alum, he will also be able to recognize the importance of Dartmouth’s scholar-teacher model, and recognize places where graduate and undergraduate students can interact and strengthen each other.

I’m excited to bring him up to speed on the current state of our grad programs. I will also be discussing with him the strategic planning working group reports relating to graduate programs. I am confident that we can identify aspects of those reports that we can start moving on right away.”

Chair of the MALS program-Professor Don Pease

“Dartmouth is going through one of the most significant transitions in its 250 year history.Philip Hanlon has movingly attested to the life-altering effect of his Dartmouth undergraduate education on his life as a celebrated teacher and world-renowned scholar. Hanlon’s knowledge of the transformative power of Dartmouth’s past and the wisdom he has acquired as an administrator at one of the world’s top-ranked research universities have deepened his understanding of the inseparability of Dartmouth’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Hanlon appears uniquely positioned to inspire, administer, and realize Dartmouth strategic plan for the 21st century.”

President of the Graduate Student Council-Julia Bradley-Cook

“By all accounts, Philip Hanlon brings a promising combination of leadership and scholarship to the Dartmouth presidency. Surely his experience at University of Michigan give him an understanding of the needs and opportunities for research at a special place like Dartmouth. I would like to echo the excitement across campus, and am looking forward to welcoming him upon his return to Dartmouth.”

What are your thoughts?

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