Graduate Consulting Club to Hold Workshop

On December 11, 2012 by Grad Forum

Save the Date! The newly-formed Graduate Consulting Club is holding their first event – a workshop on the “case interview,” which is an intergal part of the application process. See below for more information:

Graduate Consulting Club (GCC)
Consulting Interviews: Case Workshop
Date: Wednesday, December 12th
Location: Steele Room 007
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm 
You’ve heard all your friends talk about consulting and seen senior students in your programs get consulting jobs . . . but what is consulting?  How you do YOU get a job in it?  The GCC cordially invites all Dartmouth graduate students to a workshop where we hope to answer those questions and teach you the skills to succeed at the dreaded Case Interview! Also come to enjoy gourmet dinner from  Ramunto’s
Our workshop is divided into two parts:
Part 1: Lecture
o   What is consulting and what do consultants do?  What’s the difference between general consulting and “boutique” firms?  Is consulting right for me?
o   How do I apply for consulting jobs?  What resources are available at Dartmouth to help me put together an application?  Now I’ve realized my application is weak: how do I strengthen it?
o   So now I’ve applied: what are consulting interviews like?  Why are there so many different kinds of interviews?
o   Help! Case Interview secrets and resources to help you prepare.
Part 2: Hands-on Case Practice
            We’ll spend the second half of our time learning by doing: we’ll walk through a case in large group format.  As time allows, we will then split up into small groups to practice cases 1-on-1.  Don’t worry about coming to this session with no prior experience: this is case interview bootcamp!

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