Blizzard Ball Graduate Semi-Formal a Success!

On March 1, 2013 by Grad Forum

The Blizzard Ball annual winter semi-formal dance hosted by the Graduate Student Council (GSC) on Saturday, February 2, was far from cold.

The turnout was impressive. GSC Social Chairs and event organizers, Lisa Jackson and Gilbert Rahme, were pleased with the overall success of the event. “It was really exciting to see roughly 400 people attend! It’s always great to see graduate students from departments/programs all over campus come together to socialize, dance, and let loose for an evening,” they noted, adding “Hanover Inn did a terrific job in catering and managing our event, and DJ Nick Sal was spinning some mad jams for us. Major props to Nick Tito, the person who came up with the theme.”

Decorations included snow-white table cloths, an intricate snowflake archway, and silver and blue snowflake wall hangings.  The atmosphere was sophisticated, with servers walking around offering hors d’oeuvres to guests. The featured selection included pastry-wrapped brie, apple compote, bleu cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, and a smoked salmon platter available all night.

A neat addition was a DIY photo booth at the entrance where attendees could pose with friends while wearing fun accessories and props. One of the most interesting aspects of the night was the range of fashions; some people went all out in suits, others dressed more casually in jeans, and one individual even wore what appeared to be a Civil War coat. The dance floor was full for the majority of the evening.

Jackson and Rahme were grateful to everyone who helped with the event, observing that “the success of big events like this is totally due to the many people who work so hard behind the scenes to set-up, decorate, and help oversee everything; big ‘thank yous’ go out to the many volunteers who helped make the Blizzard Ball a success! Overall, we hope everyone had a great time!”

The additional money saved from offering a cash bar (rather than complimentary drink tickets as with prior dances) will be used by the GSC to fund another event later in the year.

There was plenty of dancing and fun to be had, and at the end of the night, it seemed that everyone had a good time. Thank you to everyone who worked to organize the event!

by Britney Tappen

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  • Thank you for writing this, Britney! Much appreciated! I’m glad everyone had a good time. 🙂

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