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On April 25, 2013 by Grad Forum

Kleyman_bannerCongratulations to graduate student Marianna Kleyman, in the Department of Biochemistry, who was one of four winners of the Graduate Poster Session held recently in Alumni Hall! (Below is a summary of Kleyman’s poster.)

Poster Title: STAG2 Regulates Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments in Human Cells

Chromosomes must be faithfully segregated during cell division to allow for normal growth and development of organisms. Errors in chromosome segregation cause birth defects and are common in many solid cancers yielding a heterogeneous population of cells. This increases the potential to resist drug treatment and metastasize, and generally leads to a poor cancer outcome for patients.

Cancer cells frequently missegregate whole chromosomes at high rates in a phenomenon called chromosomal instability, or CIN. CIN is caused by mal-attachments between chromosomes and the microtubule fibers responsible for movement of chromosomes during segregation.

The data demonstrate that loss of the chromosome-associated protein STAG2—important for chromosome cohesion—increases the frequency of mal-attachments of chromosomes to the microtubule fibers. The loss of STAG2 occurs in about 10-20% of cancers and results in the improper assembly of chromosomes. These data indicate that STAG2 plays an important role in ensuring faithful chromosome segregation in human cells.

poster summary by Marianna Kleyman

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