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On June 21, 2013 by Grad Forum

new_site_article_thumbnailStimulated by Dartmouth’s revamping of its website, Dartmouth Graduate Studies is launching an updated version of the Graduate Forum.

Originally designed in January 2011 as a collaboration of the Graduate Studies Office, the Grad Forum helps the Dartmouth community stay abreast of the activities and achievements of the students within the various graduate programs. Hosted through WordPress at Dartmouth, the new Forum provides visitors with a streamlined experience and a new ease in navigating the site.

In January of 2013, Elizabeth Molina-Markham, Dartmouth Graduate Studies’ current web content editor, began discussing ideas for the new Grad Forum with Wesley Whitaker, a communications consultant at the Thayer School of Engineering, and Nikki Boots, the instructional designer in the Educational Technologies Department. Together, they began actively redesigning the new Grad Forum site in May. After more than a month of designing and redesigning, the new Grad Forum site is ready to go live.

To prevent user shock, the new design will not be much different from the previous Grad Forum. “We wanted to keep a theme consistent with the old Forum site,” said Molina-Markham. “We are excited to see what readers will think about the fresh new look.”

The reorganization of the Forum offers more categories and allows visitors quicker access to articles about the programs they are looking for. Rather than having to sift through all of the articles about every program, viewers can click on specific programs and departments through the menu at the top of the page. Dartmouth Graduate Studies’ new Forum design also features an interactive display that allows a vibrant banner greeting its visitors. Scrolling down reveals the latest feature articles of graduate students’ achievements.

While some functions are no longer available, visitors can still find connections to the various social media outlets, such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. The new structure is exciting without being flashy and will guarantee a pleasurable online experience for all who visit.

The updated version of the Graduate Forum will go live on Friday, June 21, 2013. The next time you are online, visit the site and stay on top of the latest news and events. Check out the new Graduate Forum site at

Graduate students, if you have an article that you would like to write for the Grad Forum, contact Molina-Markham. Contributors receive $50 for each published article.

by Henry H. Paige

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