New IGMP Coordinators, Rahme and Bielefeld

On July 3, 2013 by Grad Forum

Gilbert Rahme and Jannis Bielefeld

Gilbert Rahme and Jannis Bielefeld will be working as the new co-coordinators of the International Graduate Mentoring Program (IGMP) over the upcoming school year. As international students themselves, both Rahme and Bielefeld bring a plethora of knowledge to their new positions.

Rahme grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, and Bielefeld hails from Munich, Germany. Rahme obtained his bachelor’s from the Lebanese University in life and earth sciences (the equivalent to biology with a minor in geology); then attended the American University of Beirut, where he earned a master’s degree in biology. In the fall, Rahme will be a fourth-year PhD candidate studying genetics, and more specifically, “the role of inhibitor of DNA binding genes in gliomagenesis and in glioma tumor progression.” Bielefeld received his bachelor’s from the University of Munich in physics, and went on to earn a master’s in advanced studies in mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge in England. Now at Dartmouth, Bielefeld is entering his third year in the physics PhD program and studies theoretical physics and cosmology.

In addition to studying, Rahme is also a member of the Dartmouth Graduate Outing Club (DGOC) and enjoys the many outdoor recreational opportunities this area has to offer. Because of his involvement in other graduate organizations, Rahme sees opportunities for more collaboration in the coming year. “I’d like the IGMP to do more activities with other graduate organizations. I want to reach out to all graduate groups to try and plan a lot of events.” In his spare time, Bielefeld also serves as a TA and plays the French horn in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. Asked why he is excited to be a co-leader of IGMP this coming year, Bielefeld remarked, “I had a great [IGMP] mentor, and I profited a lot in my first year as a student here. I want to give back.”

The IGMP’s primary purpose is to help international graduate students acclimate to life at Dartmouth more easily. Moving to another country can be an intimidating process, but that is where IGMP mentors step in. Two IGMP “mentors” are paired with four international “mentees,” whom they share advice with about housing, where to shop, and what student life is all about.  Throughout the year, the IGMP also hosts social functions that bring mentors and mentees together.

There are 120 international grad students expected to start in the fall, and, thanks to the wonderful graduate student community at Dartmouth, the IGMP has already secured enough mentors!

Join the IGMP Facebook group to stay informed about all upcoming events and activities, and visit the GSC website to learn more about the responsibilities of being an IGMP mentor.

by Lisa Jackson and Henry Paige

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