The Graduate Community Celebrates Independence Day

On July 15, 2013 by Grad Forum

henry_barbecue_thumbnailOn Thursday, July 4, more than 70 students attended the Independence Day celebration and barbecue hosted by Graduate Student Activities Coordinator (GSAC), Henry Paige. This was Paige’s first time hosting an event as the new GSAC. While many graduate students leave town to celebrate the Fourth of July with their families, most students remain on campus, and so Paige thought this provided a great opportunity for a student gathering.

The event took place on a beautiful sunny day at Tom Dent Cabin, which is located conveniently next to the Connecticut River near Ledyard Canoe Club. “This is such a cool event!” said graduate student, Amy Baker. Erin Tiernan, another attendee, observed, “The shopping, and planning were all done by Henry. I am so glad that this event had such a great turnout!” Students enjoyed delicious food, followed by a swim in the Connecticut. Paige himself grilled burgers (both vegetarian and meat) and hot dogs for all attendees, revealing a hidden talent of the new GSAC.

Paige continues the work of previous GSAC, Daniel Durcan, who graduated this spring. In the future, Paige plans to collaborate with other student groups, such as the Dartmouth Graduate Outing Club (DGOC), the International Graduate Mentoring Program (IGMP), and the Graduate Relief Team in order to offer a wide variety of events. Paige promises that “I am, and will always, try my best to organize the best events for graduate students, hoping that my contribution will make Dartmouth a better place to hang out and enjoy our graduate school years!”

Paige is certainly up to the task as GSAC. We look forward to his next event—stay tuned to the Gazetteer for more information! For pictures taken at the event, please visit the Graduate Studies Flickr page.

by Gilbert Rahme

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  • Love the look on the guy’s face in the background. Seriously though… those hamburgers were THAT good! Henry is the GRILL MASTER! 😀

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